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virtual offerings created to empower, to heal, to release, to nourish you. 

birth story debrief

Being postpartum is a very sacred time, regardless of if you are freshly into the journey or decades later. When you share your story, it gives you the power to be the narrator and that gives you agency to change. You are no longer the subject. I am here to listen, witness, validate and offer words of gentle compassion through your story. We process through story - through releasing the experience through our voice, so if you are wanting to talk through how your birth went, your feelings about it, helping you to ground back into this present moment, this is the session for you. 

In this customized session, we will be going deep into your birth - from start to finish, using a holistic approach.

I encourage women who are ready to be witnessed and move through their story to book this session. 

$75/hour - (sessions can go anywhere from 1 to 3 hours).

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birth trauma clearing

 Sometimes birth does not go as we planned for it to. Sometimes birth brings forward many confusing emotions. To grieve the birth you dreamed of, to grieve moments that you feel were stolen from you, to grieve the beautifulness of birth. Your story deserves to be heard and you do not need to carry the weight of your birth alone. 

Through this session, we will move through your birth story, in all of the emotions that come with that. We will feel, grieve, process and release. 

Once your story has been shared, you will go through a deep meditation to begin to release the traumas of your birth. 

To reclaim your birth in a new light, to reconnect with your baby, to forgive your body, to potentially receive answers, to reconcile. This potent session will include story telling, reiki, meditation + integration pieces. 

I encourage women who are ready to be witnessed and move through their story to book this session. 

$199CAD/session. This session will go for 2-3 hours.

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holistic birth planning session

This session is for the woman who is wanting to feel empowered through her birth preparation. If you are wanting to plan for a physiologic, undisturbed/unmedicated birth but do not know where to start, then this is for you.

Through this session, we will create an entire birth plan catered to your dream birth. Starting from the basics of visualizing your dream birth, to curating a plan to feel confident going into birth. We will discuss interventions, the pros + cons of each, coping techniques, how to set the tone of your birth and tips for your birth partner. 

You will leave this session with your own birth plan and resources/tools to use throughout your birth. 

This session will be 2-3 hours. $199CAD/session.

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birth coaching

If you are wanting to talk all things birth, your fears or dreams, how to advocate and what your beliefs about birth are... this is the session for you!

This session can be about whatever is on your heart. It is to aid in preparing for the birth of your beautiful baby, while feeling empowered. This customized session is meant to go deep. Come with an openness and excitement. 

Examples of things we may go over in a session:

Physiological birth

Fears about birth

Dream birth planning

Pain coping

Inner child love/wounds

Potential interventions + what they are

Pick my brain with questions you may have

& so much more!

$75/hour - (sessions can go anywhere from 1 to 3 hours).

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intuitive womb clearing

The womb is one of the most sacred yet forgotten organs to care for. Our relationship to it builds as young girls and eventually ends up housing souls that come earth side. In todays society, we often neglect or even shame this sacred organ... but we get to reclaim this power.

This session is for the woman who may be looking to heal her relationship with her womb. You may have irregular cycles, sacral trauma, painful menstruation, heavy flows, have distrust towards your body, feeling disconnected from your creative/sexual power, or simply want to nourish and nurture this part of you.

Throughout this session, we will go into a deep womb meditation where you can begin to heal/connect with your womb space. Reiki will be done as you do this to energetically cleanse/release stories, trauma, pain, etc. We will explore your cycle + go deeper into your sacral health and be given integration actions to honour/further heal into the following months. 

90 minute session - $150CAD

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complete virtual birth support

This is for the woman who is wanting virtual support throughout her entire pregnancy and early postpartum. This package includes:

holistic birth planning session

monthly birth coaching

3 distant energy clearings/reiki sessions

oracle reading

postpartum planning session

birth story debrief

daily text support from moment we begin working together to end of fourth trimester



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oracle readings

Claudia N.

divine mother reading

"How you manage to hold me whilst being many of thousands of miles away will never not amaze me. I have never felt so empowered, so in charge of my own life, so confident in what I am doing and what I want to do. The realizations I had in those few minutes were life changing. Hands down the best experience I have ever had with any type of reading/healing/therapy."

Amanda P.

inner child reading

"Every card was accurate, spot on and relevant. It was pretty wild how you picked up on certain things in my life."