maiden to mother reading

This offering is for the woman who wishes to gain clarity through her pregnancy. The passage from maiden to mother can bring forward a lot of emotions, which leads to potentially feeling like there is a lot to process without having the resources to do so. 

In this reading, you will receive insight, clarity, intuitive messages + wisdom that will leave you feeling seen, held, and witnessed in your pregnancy journey.

What you'll get:

a custom e-book with your oracle cards + messages

prompts to integrate, explore and witness what came forward in your reading

intuitive insight/guidance to apply into your day to day

a guided meditation to listen to that will honour you in this rite of passage from maiden into mother

To become a mother can often bring grief, anxiety + doubt forward. As you prepare for birth, I invite you to set yourself free from stories that may burden you in this beautiful and all-encompassing transition. Give yourself permission to release what is no longer serving you. 

The process of a reading with me:

1. Clarity

Once the reading has been purchased, I will be notified and go through the form you submitted. This allows me to go into your reading with the most clarity + understanding of what you wish/hope to take from the reading. I will review your answers with an open heart + mind.

2. Grounding

I will then get into a grounded, clear and mindful space when it comes time to beginning your reading. Free from distractions and a cleansed space will allow me to really be a channel for any wisdom, messages + guidance that needs to be shared.  

3. Reading

I will intentionally write down what comes forward for you. This will all be for your highest good and for your healing. Allow the words to really land with you, knowing that they are here to allow you to explore yourself more deeply. This process will take me anywhere from 60-90 minutes. 

4. Sending

I will then finish up and send you the reading within 5-7 business days to the email in which you included in the purchasing of your reading. Please check your junk as well.


Is this reading for me?

If you are a woman and any of these resonate, then you would benefit! If you are seeking to:

feel fully connected in birth, without doubts or fears holding me back

wanting clarity on subconscious stories, limiting beliefs or inner wisdom that I know exists within me

feel empowered in my maiden to mother passage

What is inside my reading?

Each reading is unique, just as your journey is. A missing piece that I like to incorporate into all of my readings is the integration piece. Often, we receive a reading and are left with the thought of "Okay, what now?"

Within this reading you will find a card to represent your maiden self, your mother self , your inner power/intuition + the healing message.  

You will then be given prompts to dive deeper and to pull from your own intuition+subconscious. These prompts come straight from my own intuition + what I believe would best support you on this journey through the messages received.

You will also receive access to a guided meditation for you to use as an integration piece into your journey. 

$55.00 CAD

Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional therapy or professional legal, medical or financial advice.

The purpose of a reading is to give new ideas, perspectives and inspiration – not to tell you what to do. You are responsible for making your own decisions.