From maiden to mother

This transition is one of the biggest and most important ones you will ever go through. Whether this is your first or seventh baby, I am here to serve + witness you. My goal is to make this often overwhelming, heart opening, expansive time in your life as incredible as possible. 

When you move through the portal of birth, you become a new version of you and I honour this deeply. I am always reminding you of your strength + deep connection with yourself and baby so that you can feel as empowered as possible within these very raw, real and vulnerable moments. 

The process of working together

Birth Doula Support

Birth packages include prenatal, birth and postpartum support. This is my biggest offering for the woman wanting full spectrum (from the moment you find out about your sweet babe to the end of your fourth trimester - so potentially 12+ months) support.

This package includes:

‚čí free, no obligation meet up (physically or on Zoom)

‚číprenatal appointments to prepare for your dream birth + postpartum

‚čísacred childbirth education masterclass (90 minutes)

‚čícontinual text support throughout our entire time together

‚číebook on resources for your pregnancy

‚čí24/7 on call birth support from 38 weeks onwards

‚číbirth attendance + golden hour¬†support

‚čínon-professional birth photography/videography

‚čí2 postpartum visits (90 minutes each) *more can be added for an additional fee, these visits can be spread across the fourth trimester*

‚čípostpartum nourishment + birth debriefing/birth story e-book

‚číoracle reading of your choice


PRICE: $1799 +  5% gst

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Postpartum Doula Support

If you are looking for strictly postpartum support - this is something that I also offer as I believe the fourth trimester is one of the most important yet lost/forgotten.

This package includes:

‚čífree, no obligation meet up (physically or on Zoom)

‚čícontinual text support throughout our entire time together

‚čí4 postpartum visits where I offer to nourish, clean, hold you, hold the baby so you can sleep/eat/shower/whatever your heart desires -¬†90 minutes each *more can be added on for an additional fee of $30/hour*

‚čímeals + teas to support you and your family - click HERE to view the menu

‚číclosing ceremony which includes a¬†foot, shoulder/neck + head massage, yoni steam, ceremonial herbal bath with snacks¬†and closing of the bones (3-4 hours) can be any time postpartum

‚číhouse cleaning/cooking¬†

‚číbirth debriefing with cacao ceremony

‚čínewborn care + support¬†

Price: $899 + 5% gst

*not currently offering overnight support as my son still needs me throughout the night*

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Postpartum Single Healing Sessions


‚číclosing ceremony which includes a foot, shoulder/neck + head massage, yoni steam, ceremonial herbal bath with snacks, closing of the bones + a birth debrief (3-4 hours) - $249

*this session can be done at any point in your postpartum whether this is 3 days or 15+ years later*

‚čínourishment for your family - click HERE to view menu for pricing

‚číyoni steam with herbal tea + reiki session (90 minutes) - $99

‚čícacao ceremony with birth debrief - $99

‚číplacenta art (needs to be within 24-48 hours of birth and placenta not to be frozen) - $49

Seeking Support ‚čí

The Holistic path...

My highest belief is that birth is sacred and involves all parts of us. Through the care that I provide, I will ensure that you are feeling seen and nurtured on all aspects - physiologically emotionally, spiritually + mentally.

The body is wise, and through remembering this - we allow ourselves to birth a new generation. I believe birth is something to be witnessed in complete awe, not managed. Birth allows you to meet the most powerful version of you and the transformation that takes place is life altering in the best way. 

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This ancient + beautiful practice does many things. Yoni - referring to Vagina - is a part of us as women that deserves to be honoured, especially after birth.

‚číreduces vaginal swelling + excessive discharge

‚číeliminates foul odours (especially from lochia which contains a mix of blood, mucus and uterine tissue)

‚číhelps tighten + soothe pelvic floor

‚číaids with healing of tears

‚číaids with cleansing (the yoni is self-cleansing and will naturally do these things, steaming just enhances + speeds up that process)

Closing of the Bones


My promise to you...

Going into the birth + sacred postpartum portal can feel unknown and wildly exhilerating... My goal is to ground you and to uplift you wherever and whenever you need.

I will nourish you on a holistic level.

I will encourage you to become the best version of yourself through your pregnancy, birth + postpartum.

I will listen to your fears and celebrate you when you move through them.

I will hold you when you need to be held and I will listen when you need to be heard.

I will nourish you through many different avenues including food, knowledge, inspiration + rest.

I will love you as a sister and advocate for whatever you need. 

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