I am so happy that you are here, reading this... it feels like a true blessing. Yes, my name is Heaven (like up in the sky) and if my mom didn't think that was special enough... she decided to pass down our maternal middle name of Leigh... making it Heaven Leigh (Heavenly). To be summed up into a few words feels impossible for me, but I will go with the few words that come to mind first... I am a mother, a fiance, a sister, a daughter. I am a woman who is here to make an impact, and I am stubborn enough to not stop until that happens.

I am from a small town in Ontario, where I already owned one successful business. I decided to pack up and head to the Rocky Mountains and set my roots here - it is where I feel the most free and the most alive... and it is where I originally fell in love with my now fiance and life partner.



If you would've asked me even two years ago that I would follow a calling into birth work, I would not have believed it. I have been an entrepreneur since 2018 going from Esthetics to Reiki Teachings to becoming a doula... and the one thing that has been in common with all of those roles has been that I have always loved and been so passionate about serving women.  

It was through my own birth to my son that I realized that there is a massive gap in our healthcare system when it comes to respecting a sacred birth + postpartum.

I have always been called to the holistic ways of living... and birth was no different, except I found that birth was heavily medicalized, when in reality, we've been birthing since human existence began... all on our own. 

When I first heard about a doula and what they do, I felt it was too late in my journey to hire one (PSA: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE).

After experiencing an induction and a traumatic birth, I fell into the cracks of trying to survive in my postpartum with no support. It felt extremely isolating and extremely hard... and I just knew in my bones that it wasn't supposed to be this way.

Through my own recovery, my own learnings and seeking my own support did I realize that we need to do better for our women. To serve and support, to witness in awe, to give ourselves to one another. This impacted me so deeply and cut me wide open because it needed to for me to fully understand. My birth experience was the medicine I needed to realize that I am ready to make a real change on this planet.

Through supporting the mind, body, spirit and emotions... I realize that a doulas role is to make sure that a woman feels seen, safe and heard through an extremely life changing experience. To challenge a woman to use discernment and learn about how to trust in her intuition.

The way we birth could heal our entire lineage and our future generation and it matters... which is why I am here.

Let's Connect


I gave birth to my son on my birthday! It changes the definiton of BIRTHday for me in many ways. My original due date was November 20 (and so was mine with my momma) and we both showed up on the 30th! So divinely connected.


I met my Australian fiance in Banff, AB on Tinder (haha). We connected briefly and then went our separate ways for three years to then reconnect on Instagram. We decided that we wanted to see each other after talking for 2 weeks... so we met up in Chicago and that's when I knew he was THE one! Listen to episode 14 on the podcast to hear our beautiful whirlwind of a story!


I am extremely outgoing and love to chat with strangers while also being super in tune with my emotional side and feeling everything with my heart! I love to make people laugh and be bubbly/quirky but I also love to have deep conversations.